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It is the duty of all health practitioners and policy-makers to prevent as well as manage disease. Population and individual level health improvement is our common goal. All of us working in health have a role in promoting social progress and working for the common good.

BACAPH believes in promoting the health and well-being of all children and young people. Advocating for healthier lifestyles and healthier societies is vital. We recognise that wellbeing is largely shaped by social determinants and services available to the child, family and community. In the current political climate, the voices of vulnerable groups such as children are all too often not heard. It is our mission to give voice to the concerns of children and adolescents to protect and promote their health and wellbeing. We do this through evidence-based advocacy at both individual and institutional level.

Our work falls into 3 broad categories, as described below, with examples of our work:

Long term Conditions

Health and wellbeing matter throughout the life course. BACAPH challenges undue corporate and commercial influence over child health policy.

  • Respiratory diseases / climate change / air pollution
    e.g. Petition London Authority regarding dangerous levels of air pollutants.
  • Obesity / food industry / sugar tax
    e.g. Open letter from paediatricians to Government regarding Obesity Strategy.


A fair economic system is necessary for healthy children and a healthy planet. BACAPH challenges policies that are unjust and harmful to child health

Child Poverty

We have just launched our End Child Poverty campaign in association with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and Child Poverty Action Group.

See the links on this page for further information on: 

·         What you need to know about child poverty

·         What practitioners can do locally about child poverty

·         What we can do to advocate for what needs to be done at a national level

Health since the financial crisis

    • Homelessness
      e.g. Collaborate with other organisations, such as Social Housing Under Threat (SHOUT), to draw attention to housing crisis and impacts on child health.
    • Food insecurity
      e.g Educational campaign to connect food scarcity with austerity, as well as with global stunting and malnutrition and climate change (e.g. webpage, RSM workshop with partners and stakeholders).

Vulnerable Groups & Access to Care

A rights-based and progressive model of well-being leads to better health outcomes . BACAPH challenges the forces of war, conflict and division in society.

  • Migrant health care / unaccompanied minors
    e.g. Editorial about harms of military intervention and foreign policy on child health in Syria and for Syrian refugees in BMJ/ Lancet/ Archives of Diseases of Childhood.
  • Care of women and children in UK detention centres
    e.g. Signposting to resources for interested members to volunteer for organisations such as Doctors of the World, Medical Justice etc.
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