• Mon Oct 14 2019

    Abstract deadline fast approaching for RCPCH Annual Conference 2020

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    Submit your abstracts for oral and poster presentations The deadline for submitting abstracts for oral and poster presentations for the British Association of Child and Adolescent Public Health (BACAPH)symposium at the RCPCH Conference 2020 is fast approaching (midnight Monday 21st October 2019). The conference will take place on April 28 - 30, 2020 in Liverpool, United Kingdom, and the theme is 'Innovating for Child Health'. BACAPH are delighted to consider abstracts relating to: Advocacy of...
  • Thu Jan 17 2019

    Childhood overweight and obesity: clarifying definitions and terminology

    364 hit(s) - Dr. Stacy John-Legere

    Author: Dr Rachael Wood, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, NHS National Services Scotland, Information Services Division Being overweight or obese means having excess body fat to the extent that increases the risk of health problems. There is no one ideal measure of body fat, however body mass index (BMI) is broadly accepted as a reasonable indicator. BMI measures a person’s weight in relation to their height (calculated as weight [in kilograms] divided by height squared [in meters2]). It...
  • Sun Apr 29 2018

    Why parenting should be a priority for clinicians and policymakers alike

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    Author: Neha Shah, Sarah Stewart-Brown ‘Every parent should go on this course’ ‘It’s going to make a great generation ahead’ Hearing the feedback from parents attending a parenting programme I have been evaluating, it is clear that what they have learnt has had a profound impact on their wellbeing, their family life, and most importantly their child’s wellbeing and behaviour.  Findings from neuroscience and psychology indicate that a secure and loving relationship with caregivers is a key...
  • Mon May 29 2017

    Exploring the Issues around Sponsorship

    1672 hit(s) - Rosie Kyeremateng

    Author : Dr. Rosie Kyeremateng   The issue of formula industry association with paediatric associations keeps coming back to us, and I believe there is a reason for this. It is a call to explore our thinking in this area. While the motion put forward at the RCPCH AGM last year (by a group which included myself), was passed by 66 votes to 53 not to accept such sponsorship, the decision was overruled and put forward to the RCPCH council. A subsequent postal vote, of which 11% of the membership...
  • Wed May 24 2017

    Child Poverty: What should doctors do?

    1185 hit(s) - Guddi Singh

    Blog by Dr. Guddi Singh  Child poverty is finally getting some attention, thanks to a report out this month from the Royal College of Paediatricians and Child Health and the Child Poverty Action Group. Earlier this month I discussed this problem on Sky News.  Politicians, however, haven’t seemed to notice; the 4 million children living in poverty in the UK still haven’t featured in any of the debates leading up to the general election. The Lancet made the assertion that “Policy is lacking to...
  • Mon Apr 10 2017

    ‘Nursing in schools: how school nurses support pupils with long-term health conditions’ –a review

    1710 hit(s) - Dr Louise Condon

    School nursing is widely recognised in policy literature as a key preventive health service for children aged 4-19 years, however the role remains underexplored. In 2014 a statutory duty was placed on schools to support pupils with recognised long-term medical conditions. As a consequence, the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) conducted research exploring school nurses self-reported confidence in respect of 5 health conditions that affect children at school; these were asthma, epilepsy,...
  • Mon Mar 13 2017

    Mummy - Daddy says I'm fat

    876 hit(s) - Dr. Stacy John-Legere

    The first few days of March were mega eventful in my house. Not only did we have to deal with National Offer Day, my eldest also got braces and on the Friday came the "fat" letters. Not just 1 but 2. I'm the lucky parent with two children: one in reception as well as one in year 6. So in Friday's schoolbags came those NCMP letters. As I read them, it caused me to wonder aloud to my husband and children about the messages we give our children regarding healthy weight. For context - One's BMI...
  • Fri Nov 11 2016

    A Breath of Fresh Air: Doctors’ plea for stronger and faster action to clean up our air

    1112 hit(s) - Nick Watts

    Leading medical journals and health professionals have joined forces to raise awareness about the major public health benefits which could be unlocked by tackling air pollution and climate change. Healthcare professionals: A new voice in the climate change debate When we talk about climate change, images of melting ice caps, polar bears and hotter weather are often the first ones that come to mind. Yet, to many people, it is far from obvious how climate change is related to health. This is...
  • Sat Sep 17 2016

    The health of Roma children in the UK

    973 hit(s) - Dr Louise Condon

    The health of Roma children in the UK Last week I emailed an interpreter friend in England to ask about the morale and wellbeing of local Roma families following the EU referendum. Her reply was that confusion reigns among the community but the Big Issue and other local organisations are doing a good job of providing support.  For herself ‘apart from the xenophobia and racism’- she is fine. Until Article 50 has been triggered and negotiations with other countries are complete, the prospects for EU...
  • Mon Aug 08 2016

    Briefing paper for RCPCH members responding to the survey on sponsorship by formula milk manufacturers

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    Briefing paper for RCPCH members responding to the survey on sponsorship by formula milk manufacturers A group of College members proposed the motion recently passed at the AGM arguing that the College should in future decline all kinds of funding from formula milk manufacturers (FMMs). This briefing paper sets out the evidence and policies that led them to take this position For the first time in May 2016, the World Health Assembly[ii] recommended “…health professional associations and...
  • Wed Jun 29 2016

    A call for a change in political thinking and decision making "Today's decisions for Tomorrow's children"

    900 hit(s) - Simon Lenton

    Despondent! I am sure I am not alone in feeling utterly despondent about the state of British politics today, just a few days into the aftermath of the EU referendum. Like most people I have found it difficult to differentiate fact from fiction on both sides of the argument. I am deeply concerned about the implications of these political events for the health of families in the UK. I offer these thoughts distilled from 30 years of working in the NHS and observing the impact of politics and...
  • Tue May 17 2016

    Public Health in England – A frontline trainee viewpoint

    1334 hit(s) - Sylvia Garry

    Public Health in England – A frontline trainee viewpoint Dr. Sylvia Garry – Public Health Specialty Registrar I have been a junior doctor for 10 years. Well, 10 years minus 3 months, but by this point, who’s counting?  In the midst of my Paediatric training I spent a few years working in the humanitarian sector. MSF, MdM, THET, the Royal Colleges, and a multitude of small NGOs that you most probably will never have heard of. I worked in a dozen healthcare systems and learnt the difference...
  • Tue May 17 2016

    Short message on measles

    894 hit(s) - Kirsty LeDoare

    Short message on measles Dr. Kirsty LeDoare Measles is an acute viral illness that is highly contagious and can have long-lasting consequences for some survivors. The number of measles cases in the UK has risen drastically since 2014 and several outbreaks have been declared. It is vital that all health care professionals recognise the signs and symptoms of measles early to monitor and treat those children in need and identify those at risk. Catching measles early benefits the individual child and...
  • Sun Apr 03 2016

    Where is Aneurin Bevan now?

    1303 hit(s) - Ingrid Wolfe

    Child poverty, health, and the Welfare Reform and Work Act "The eyes of the world are turning to Great Britain. We now have the moral leadership of the world"  So it was in 1948 when Aneurin Bevan explained that the welfare state was to be a solution to the problem of poverty. Poverty according to Bevan was “a consequence of poor social organisation".  Thus “the weak first, and the strong next" became a guiding principle of the welfare state. Nearly 70 years later, does Britain have the moral...
  • Thu Mar 17 2016

    What about migrant/refugee children?

    1278 hit(s) - Dr. Stacy John-Legere

    What about migrant/refugee children? What part do we play in improving their health outcomes? Dr. Stacy John-Legere, Consultant Paediatrician, Designated Dr. for Looked after Children In October 2015, the front page of several global media showed the stark reality of death encountered by many migrants as they make their perilous journey to safety. This image served to raise our consciousness regarding the hardships, danger and life threatening journeys those seeking a safe haven make. It...
  • Wed Mar 16 2016

    Results of BACAPH priority setting questionnaire

    1042 hit(s) - Dr. Stacy John-Legere

    Results of BACAPH priority setting questionnaire The Executive discussed the BACAPH priority setting draft paper in September 2015. It was decided to canvass the opinion of the membership to check that Executive thinking was in line with priorities held by members. The aim of the survey was to determine what the day-to-day priorities for members were, in order to inform the work of BACAPH. The survey ran between October and December 2015 with a response rate of approximately ¼ of the...
  • Fri Dec 11 2015

    Physical Punishment

    1510 hit(s) - Lucy Reynolds

    Physical Punishment  Written by Lucy Reynolds   I used to think the sort of paediatricians who should be campaigning about the laws on the physical punishment of children were the ones with an interest in child protection. The more I’ve read, and the more I’ve thought about the issue, I’ve been moved to conclude that the paediatricians who should have the most to say on the issue are actually those with an interest in child development, and those with an interest in public health. In fact, me...
  • Fri Dec 04 2015

    How effective is Family Nurse Partnership Programme in England?

    1186 hit(s) - Alison Kemp

    How effective is Family Nurse Partnership Programme in England? Written by Alison Kemp The results of the Building Blocks randomised controlled trial evaluating the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) programme in England were published in the Lancet in October. The Nurse Family Partnership has been shown to be effective in several US states and was adapted and introduced widely in England. The study was set in eighteen FNP sites in England. First time teenage mothers aged 19 years or younger with a...
  • Mon Nov 30 2015

    Transfer of Health Visiting commissioning

    1292 hit(s) - Julie Mytton

    Transfer of Health Visiting commissioning Written by Julie Mytton From 1st October 2015, the responsibility for the commissioning of Health Visiting Services for children aged 0-5 years in England transferred from NHS England to Public Health teams in Local Authorities.  Hopefully, many families will hardly have noticed, since Health Visitors have remained employed by their existing employer and the providers of Health Visiting services will have continued unchanged in many areas.  However, this...
  • Fri Nov 20 2015

    "On yer bike!" Should we be encouraging kids to walk and cycle to school more?

    1156 hit(s) - Darshana Bhattacharjee

    Written by Darshana Bhattacharjee When I was at school, I would more often than not walk to school with my friends, and frequently see groups of children turning up to school on their bicycles. At school break times, we would tear around the playground, then after school, we would be out again on our bikes, skateboards and roller blades. The fresh air was good, and I felt more focused in the classroom after a good run around outside. However, this picture has been steadily, and worryingly,...
  • Fri Nov 13 2015

    Whatever happened to child public health?

    1205 hit(s) - Julie Mytton

    Whatever happened to child public health? Written by Julie Mytton It is over two years now since the Health and Social Care Act 2012 came into force on 1st April 2013 leading to the NHS reforms in England that included the closure of Primary Care Trusts and the creation of Clinical Commissioning Groups. A large proportion of the English Public Health workforce were employed by Primary Care Trusts prior to these reforms, and needed to find new employers. What became of all those child public...
  • Sat Oct 17 2015

    New alliance of Royal Colleges to tackle climate change

    1254 hit(s) - Simon Lenton

    New alliance of Royal Colleges to tackle climate change  Written by Simon Lenton   I am drafting this article on 13 August which by some strange coincidence is "Earth Overshoot Day"; the day in 2015 when the human race outstripped its annual biological footprint and enters ecological debt. Every year since the mid-1970s this day gets earlier in the year and by the end of this year the projection is that the world will consume more than 1.6 planets worth of natural resources. What will be the...
  • Sat Oct 17 2015

    Rapid responses and the Child Death Overview Panel - time for reflection and learning

    1350 hit(s) - Simon Lenton

    Rapid responses and the Child Death Overview Panel - time for reflection and learning Written by Simon Lenton We are writing this short article based on our experience as designated doctors both involved in the process of death investigation including rapid response visits, chairing local child death review meetings and attending Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) meetings, in order to promote discussion on how best to improve practice and outcomes. Although based on the experience in England, the...
  • Fri Sep 11 2015

    Child Death - personal reflections of a community paediatrician

    2069 hit(s) - Dr. Stacy John-Legere

    Written by Stacy John-Legere This past week the media has vividly shown us the true cost of crisis, upheaval and political and economic instability - a picture of a policeman carrying the dead body of a young boy - a child, fleeing his homeland with his family, in search of better.  Also this past week, nestled amongst the inner pages of our local papers, there were reports of two London teenagers killed in separate instances of violence. This was also the week I introduced new paediatric trainees...
  • Wed Sep 09 2015

    Reflections on the Learning Together Child Public Health training day

    1690 hit(s) - Joia de Sa

    Written by Joia de Sa, Specialist Registrar in Paediatrics, Lambeth & Southwark Public Health and BACAPH executive committee member This blog outlines the second Learning Together Child Public Health day held on the 19th May – including top tips and what to do differently next time! Twitter highlights can be found at #LTchildhealth The second Learning Together Child Public Health day was held on the 19th May 2015 for GP, paediatric and public health trainees.  Nearly 100 trainees attended, with a...
  • Wed Jun 10 2015

    Understanding the threats to Child Public Health Nursing in England –a complex commissioning framework

    1321 hit(s) - Mary Kiddy

    Understanding the threats to Child Public Health Nursing in England –a complex commissioning framework. Written by Mary Kiddy 1. Background: The changes to the public health commissioning landscape in England that were instigated in 2012 under the Health & Social Care Act are now coming to fruition, with the transfer of commissioning responsibility for Health Visiting and Family Nurse Partnership services to Local Authority Public Health departments. In preparation for the changes, the Health...
  • Tue May 05 2015

    What are the political parties offering our children in 2015?

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    What are the political parties offering our children in 2015? As paediatricians we are extremely concerned about child health outcomes in the UK which are amongst the worst in Western Europe1. The sixth richest economy in the World should be capable of providing children with a decent standard of health and well-being. As paediatricians we must advocate for children and engage with the political system to ensure that child health and wellbeing is appropriately addressed in policy. With the May...
  • Tue Apr 07 2015

    #childhealthmatters - Getting child health on the political agenda

    1092 hit(s) - Ingrid Wolfe

    The RCPCH's #childhealthmatters campaign aims to secure policy commitments from political parties that will improve the health and lives of children and young people in the lead up to the general election in 2015 and beyond.  What's the problem? Although progress has been made in some areas such as the establishment of Children and Young People’s Outcome Forum, child health remains relatively low on the political agenda. And despite the current Government, on election, pledging to make Britain...
  • Tue Apr 07 2015

    Read Start Well, Live Better: FPH manifesto for the 2015 general election.

    1206 hit(s) - Ingrid Wolfe

    Faculty of Public Health has a track record of publishing influential advocacy documents, and campaigning for better public health policy. Click here for the FPH Manifesto Ingrid WolfeBACAPH co-chair
  • Wed Jan 28 2015

    Social Justice Begins With Babies

    3719 hit(s) - Dr Jonathan Sher

    Social Justice Begins With Babies   Written by Dr Jonathan Sher, on behalf of the Putting the Baby IN the Bathwater coalition   According to more than 100 of Scotland’s most respected organisations and distinguished individuals, the growing political momentum toward social justice has largely overlooked a crucial opportunity to achieve it. The ‘Putting the Baby IN the Bathwater’coalition has come together since autumn 2013 to convince Scottish policymakers to add what these experts in health,...
  • Tue Jan 20 2015

    The Family Friendly Framework

    1400 hit(s) - Simon Lenton

    The Family Friendly Framework Written by Simon Lenton The Family Friendly Framework represents two years of joint work between the British Association for Community Child Health and the British Association for Child and Adolescent Public Health to address the concerns of their memberships that recent NHS changes based on competition and market principles, particularly in England, were creating fragmentation rather than integration in services for children and their families. Stated simply, the...
  • Thu Dec 18 2014

    How your parents (and grandparents) get under your skin - linking parental experience and children's outcomes

    1090 hit(s) - Mandy Drake

    Important studies undertaken predominantly in the UK during the 1990s showed an association between being born small and an increased risk of developing coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, the metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis in later life. These studies led to the ‘developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD)’ hypothesis; which suggests that exposure to an ‘adverse environment’ during early life determines disease susceptibility in later life. Further studies have confirmed...
  • Wed Dec 03 2014

    Children’s rights and child wellbeing: personal reflections on the role of the UNCRC within child public health work

    4294 hit(s) - Lucy Reynolds

    Children's rights and child wellbeing: personal reflections on the role of the UNCRC within child public health work 1989 was the year Berlin Wall fell, protesters filled Tiananmen Square, and F W De Klerk took over as President of South Africa. It was also the year that I graduated from medical school, and that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) came into being (http://www.unicef.org.uk/UNICEFs-Work/UN-Convention/). I can’t imagine practicing as a paediatrician without...
  • Fri Jul 04 2014

    Public health advocacy: what is it, who should be doing it and how?

    1625 hit(s) - Kat Smith & Ellen Stewart, University of Edinburgh

    A recent letter in the Lancet claims that: Shying away from advocacy is comparable to medical negligence. Yet, as Simon Chapman has noted, advocacy has been a fundamentally neglected topic in public health. Chapman suggests that this is partly because many in the public health community perceive a tension, even an incompatibility, between advocacy and ‘the reductionist epistemology that underscores most public health enterprise’.  Consequently, whilst professionals seem comfortable with the idea...
  • Mon Jun 23 2014

    The need for equal protection from violence for children in Scottish criminal law

    4422 hit(s) - Bruce Adamson

    It is shocking to realize that we live in a country that condones violence against children. Scots law permits an assault on a child to be justified if it occurs in the context of punishment by a parent or carer: the ‘justifiable assault’ defence. The Council of Europe’s Commissioner for human rights summed it up well: The invention of concepts such as ‘reasonable chastisement’ and ‘lawful correction’ in the law arises from the perception of children as the property of their parents. This is...
  • Wed Jun 11 2014

    Seizing the opportunity for public health to improve the care of children and young people

    1786 hit(s) - Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green

    Children are our nation's most precious resource because of the change in the old age dependency ratio – the number of active working age adults per pensioner. In 1971, the ratio was 3.6; it fell to 3.2 in 2008, and it could fall to 2.0 within 35 years. We need healthy, educated, creative and resilient children to become the productive adults supporting an aging population, so investing in them should be a top national priority. But they are also citizens today deserving all the entitlements that...
  • Thu Apr 24 2014

    The English Healthy Child Programme

    1195 hit(s) - Mary Kiddy

    The Healthy Child Programme was developed by the Department of Health for England and updated in 2009, and was a development from the earlier National Service Framework for Children, Young People & Maternity Services, published in 2004. Whilst published by the previous Labour administration, the Coalition administration has continued to support the HCP as the core, universal child health programme. Link to the document - What is the Healthy Child Programme (Word document - 493kb) Mary...
  • Mon Feb 03 2014

    Road safety: a child public health issue

    4395 hit(s) - Duncan Vernon

    Road safety Road safety remains an important childhood health issue. Traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for males in England and Wales between the ages of 5 and 19. Children from more deprived areas are at a much greater risk of injury on the roads than children in more affluent areas, especially as pedestrians. Safety extends beyond just preventing injury. There is evidence that the real or perceived danger of the roads limits children’s movement. A lack of traffic safety is...
  • Wed Jan 29 2014

    Sustaining Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services through the age of austerity

    2010 hit(s) - Ingrid Wolfe

    The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has produced a valuable report on 'Building and sustaining specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to improve outcomes for children and young people'. The report outlines essential services to be delivered by CAMHS and associated workforce requirements, with a focus on ensuring sustainable, effective services during the current period of austerity. We all know that mental health needs are a huge but often publicly...
  • Wed Jan 15 2014

    The mental health of Scotland’s children and young people

    5244 hit(s) - Dr Rachael Wood

    In December 2013, NHS Health Scotland (Scotland’s national health improvement agency) published a landmark report on the mental health of children and young people in Scotland. This report has been a long time coming. Developing a framework of indicators that could be used to reliably monitor the mental health of children and young people, and relevant risk and protective contextual factors, began back in 2008. The process of agreeing the indicator framework was painstaking and the framework was...
  • Sun Dec 22 2013

    Training in child public health - a view from paediatrics

    2725 hit(s) - Dr. Stacy John-Legere

    I was first formally exposed to Public Health as a medical intern in Trinidad & Tobago. During my post there, I updated our disaster preparedness manual and contributed to sessions on immunisation held under the remit of the Pan-American Health Organisation (PAHO). In addition, I delivered health promotion on nutrition, achieving healthy lifestyles, and conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. I was able to further develop this interest throughout my training as a paediatrician. From my...
  • Thu Dec 12 2013

    Training in child public health - a view from public health

    2217 hit(s) - Rachel Isba

    I am an ST5 in public health in the Mersey Deanery, having previously been on a paediatric training scheme, also in the North West of England (I left at the end of ST3). However, I also retain a part-time paediatric emergency medicine staff grade role in my local acute NHS trust. An interest in child public health was one of the main reasons I chose to change my main specialty from paediatrics to public health. During my time on the public health training scheme I have actively sought out...
  • Thu Dec 12 2013

    BACAPH is born!

    2312 hit(s) - Jane Ritchie

    BACAPH officially came into being at the launch event on 1st October 2013. At an exciting conference held at the RCPCH, the high profile speakers, Michael Marmot, John Frank, Jonathan Bradshaw and Naomi Eisenstadt, brilliantly and cohesively addressed the title of the conference : Investing in the Future, the Importance of Child Public Health, while Alison Baum, CEO of Best Beginnings, enthralled with her description of evidenced based interventions to reduce child health inequalities. A...
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