Who We Are:

BACAPH is an organisation of child health practitioners committed to creating the conditions in which every child and young person can lead a healthy life and fulfil their potential. 

Our Mission:

We promote the health and wellbeing of all children through providing policy advice, advocacy, and advancing knowledge on health and social issues. 

A Snapshot of Child Health

Britain’s children are growing up unhealthy, unhappy, and not prepared for adult life. Child survival in the UK is among the worst in Europe, and the gap is widening. These problems are preventable, and could be reversed with good policy, public health and clinical practice. Britain could be the best place for children to grow up. There is a strong and evidenced case for investment in child health and wellbeing. We know more than ever before about the causal biological mechanisms explaining poor early life experiences and exposures and life-long health and wellbeing disadvantage. Furthermore, the economic case is compelling. Invest in early health and wellbeing, and the nation reaps economic rewards through a healthier and more productive adult population. 

Our Key Proposals for a Healthy Future: 2017-18

Healthy Start in Life   Healthy children, healthy futures


Statutory personal, social, economic, health, sex and relationships education

Every child should be a wanted child; prevent unintended pregnancies

Invest in maternal physical and mental health and wellbeing

Invest in parenting support, breast-feeding, and early years play and education

Prioritise the first 1001 days by investing in services for babies and new parents

Healthy Family & Home   A focus on eliminating child poverty and social inequalities 

Reinstate child poverty reduction targets with meaningful scrutiny and accountability

Living wage and meaningful work for parents

Social protection policies to protect children, families, and save lives

Affordable well insulated homes that are safe from hazards

A basic minimum income, a triple lock on child benefit, universal affordable child care

Healthy Communities & Services   Promoting integrated services through  funding and  incentives

Child-centred health and care for all, but especially the most vulnerable children

Policies that support collaboration between health professionals and organisations

Renewed and protected investment in public health for children

Commitment to NHS free at the point of use, funded by universal taxation

Healthy Environment   A fair economic and social system, strong incentives for healthy futures

Post austerity economic and social policy that promotes healthy children and families

 Economic policies that value human and planetary potential above GDP growth

A Child Health in All Policies approach to governing

Tax, subsidy, nutritional standards, and marketing rules for a healthy weight strategy

Environmental policies that promote physical activity, clean air, and planetary health

Cron Job Starts