Editorial by Simon Lenton, Co-Chair, BACAPH

I was very disappointed to read that the UK had slipped from its number one position to number four in the 2021 Commonwealth Fund report 'Mirror, Mirror' published this August. While the report merely shows comparative data from 11 high income health systems and does not attempt to analyse the reasons for the relative positions, I think we all know the the 2011 attempt to introduce free market principles into the NHS and a decade of austerity have had their toll on the services we provide.

While the report relates to all health services rather than just those relating to children and families, we must now recover from the impact of the pandemic to relentlessly focus on equity, value and improving outcomes. But that's more easily said than done!

Compared to many medical specialties we are very lucky in the paediatric and community child health world in that we see children and their health issues, in the context of their families and their local environments (mainly schools). We are more able to appreciate the practical importance of "integrated care" from the perspective of families, where all parts must come together to provide seamless coordinated care at one moment in time, as well as continuity of care over a period of time.

While there will inevitably be a period of catch up, now is the time to embed post-pandemic new ways of working and return to the ten-year service improvement agenda set by the NHS Long-Term Plan. The B-BISS mini modules provide a summary of the NHS Long Term Plan and starts to interpret how the Plan can be implemented.

The intention is that the mini modules break down elements of the Long Term Plan into manageable learning sessions that build on one another to provide a comprehensive understanding of the thinking behind the plan and then practical implications.

  • Introduction to the NHS Long-Term Plan
  • Understanding health and disease
  • Designing pathways and networks
  • Life course pathways
  • Systems thinking
  • Life course pathways
  • Population Health Management
  • NHS Net Zero

Each mini module consists of a written paper and PowerPoint presentation with notes and an audio track. It is hoped that you find these useful and can download and adapt the presentations for local use when working with colleagues and people from other agencies with whom you work.

So far there are eight  mini modules but the intention is to develop more in the future, and in the longer term B-BISS hopes to showcase examples of good practice on the BACCH website to guide and inspire the development of pathways and networks, prevention and population health management, and commissioning guides.

If you would like to be involved, please get in touch.

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