Transfer of Health Visiting commissioning

Written by Julie Mytton

From 1st October 2015, the responsibility for the commissioning of Health Visiting Services for children aged 0-5 years in England transferred from NHS England to Public Health teams in Local Authorities.  Hopefully, many families will hardly have noticed, since Health Visitors have remained employed by their existing employer and the providers of Health Visiting services will have continued unchanged in many areas.  However, this is quite a fundamental change and there are great opportunities and some challenges with the new arrangements.

First, let’s consider the opportunities.  Health Visitors have recognised for years that many factors contribute to the health and well-being of children in families.  Factors such as good housing, parental employment, access to play and green spaces, and good pre-school provision, have always been outside of the health domainThe key reason it's become so well-known is due to the Web, that allows everybody to gain access to the info though penile workouts may be the earliest organic penis-enlargement technique around. By making additional bloodstream in to the manhood chambers these manhood exercises function; this grows and extends the tissue, which afterwards regrow to dimensions that are larger. These unique workouts are extremely simple to execute and just need anyone making use of your fingers when compared with additional organic penis-enlargement techniques like penile and dumbbells extender products. Despite the fact that manhood workouts don't have any damaging side-effect when completed precisely, executing these workouts without sufficient info and within the wrong-way can result in severe manhood accidents and erectile issues. This really is one reason you need to just register using organic penis that is proven enlargement businesses supplying workout plan to an excellent penile. About obtaining a big penis have you been serious? Then you definitely must make use of the two organic penis-enlargement techniques which have usually provide the outcomes to males they find. A mix of manhood workout and natural penis-enlargement-pills will certainly provide you with a rise inside your manhood girth and length inside the room of FOUR - FIVE weeks. The tablets work-in the interior of one's physique, my review on SizeGenetics, by growing blood circulation and assisting within the re-development of tissue that are manhood, as the workout function outwardly by growing and personally extending the manhood tissues which may make sure you accomplish with Sizegenetics penis extender review the increases that are most feasible..  Now, for the first time, there is a real opportunity to integrate commissioning of services for children and families, since Local Authorities have responsibilities in all these areas.  Just like Health Visitors, Local Authorities know the needs of their community well and a shared approach to improving outcomes and reducing inequalities, including the sharing of information from different agencies, has the potential to result in better experiences and outcomes for children and families.  The 4,5, 6 model of Health Visiting provision ( ) remains unchanged; 4 levels of service (Community, Universal, Universal Plus, Universal Partnership Plus), 5 universal health visits (antenatal, new born, 6-8 weeks, 9-12 months and 2-2½  years), and 6 high impact areas (Transition to parenthood, Maternal mental health, Breastfeeding, Healthy weight, Managing minor illness and accident prevention, and Healthy 2 year olds and school readiness).

The challenges are real.  Transferring Health Visiting commissioning to Local Authorities means there will no longer be the same central management; the ‘national’ Health Visiting service will become ‘local’ whilst still having to ensure delivery of key policies such as the Healthy Child Programme.  We know from the devolution of other responsibilities that families living on Local Authority boundaries are often frustrated at the apparent inequity of provision of services depending on where they live.  Local Authorities currently have tremendous pressures to deliver the same services with less money.  Whilst Public Health budgets were supposed to be ring-fenced we know that these fences are not that robust, with many Public Health teams having to make a contribution to the financial savings that Local Authorities have to make.  Public Health budgets have recently faced a national £200m cut in funding to compound this, affecting decisions of what they can fund at very short notice.

The future is different, definitely challenging, but with real potential to be good.  Working together we have the chance to make a difference for children and families. Let’s get on with it.


Dr Julie Mytton

Associate Professor in Child Health, University of the West of England, Bristol, and Consultant in Child Public Health, Bristol City Council

BACAPH Executive Committee member

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