Paediatric Curriculum Update:

The RCPCH paediatric curriculum is being revised. If you would like to be involved, you can contact the Curriculum team at the RCPCH:  or contact Dr Kyeremateng via  regarding the Public Health related content.

Training opportunities for trainees in paediatrics

The FPH and RCPCH recognise the need for, and demand from, paediatric trainees to gain knowledge and skills in public health. There is ongoing development of training in child public health, by members of the FPH and the RCPCH.

Paediatric trainees are encouraged to consider the following training opportunities:

Self directed learning

  • Read journal articles that explore the social, economic and political determinants of child health. Articles may be found in a range of paediatric or public health journals, e.g. Archives of Disease in Childhood, Child; Care, Health and Development, or the Journal of Public Health.
  • Sign up to receive regular electronic bulletins e.g. ChiMat – the Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network – produce an excellent weekly bulletin  and the Department of Health’s Children, Families and Maternity eBulletin which appears 4-6 times per year
  • Read text books such as those listed in the 'Resources' section of the website

Attend a course

  • The Faculty of Public Health run a 3-day course for Speciality Registrars from any discipline to provide an introduction to the principles and practice of public health. The course is run twice every year. For more information see or look out for details on the 'Events' section of the BACAPH website

Make contact with your regional public health colleagues

  • Introduce yourself to your regional public health Training Programme Director and Head of School ( ). They may be able to advise you of local opportunities or Consultants in Public Health who have a particular remit for, and/ or interest in Child and adolescent public health.
  • The regional public health training programme may have an administrator or coordinator who can advise you about training events, meetings or conferences that are open to you
  • Speak to some of the local public health trainees, to understand the work they are involved in.

Apply for a placement in a public health team

  • The FPH and RCPCH working group are actively encouraging the development of collaborations between regional paediatric and public health training programmes to establish opportunities for paediatric trainees to spend time working in public health teams.
  • There are currently placements in London, Bristol and Plymouth; and the potential for development of further placements depending on interest.
  • The location, duration and arrangement of these placements will vary depending on the local capacity of the public health teams and the ability of paediatric training programmes to release trainees for this experience.
  • Paediatric trainees should not assume that a placement will automatically enable them to attain all of the child public health competences in the paediatric training curriculum. During placements trainees are likely to work on a range of projects that will be driven by local public health priorities. Experience to date suggests that decisions on which projects are undertaken are best negotiated via a three-way meeting between the trainee, the Consultant in Public Health (the Placement Supervisor) and the trainee's Paediatric Educational Supervisor.
  • It is anticipated that completion of projects will provide the trainee with a range of transferable skills including:
    • Assessment of the health needs of a population
    • Data management, quality appraisal & use of data to inform decision making
    • Evidence identification, critical appraisal, synthesis and application
    • Opportunity for multiagency working
    • Project leadership
    • Service evaluation and development
  • The ability to take the principles and practice of public health back into their paediatric settings
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