Training opportunities for public health trainees

We acknowledge that public health trainees may benefit from training and experience in paediatrics. The needs of individual public health trainees are likely to be very variable dependent on their background and experience prior to starting the public health training programme.

Self directed learning

  • Seek opportunities to work on child-orientated projects being undertaken in your current training placement or explore if there are opportunities to work with the children's lead in your local Clinical Commissioning Group (in England) or with your local children's commissioners (in their organisations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).
  • Sign up to receive contents lists of child health journals. This will illustrate the breadth and scope of paediatric practice. Suitable journals might include e.g. Archives of Disease in Childhood, Child; Care, Health and Development, or Social Paediatrics
  • Sign up to receive regular electronic bulletins e.g. ChiMat – the Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network – produce an excellent weekly bulletin ( ) and BACAPH's weekly e-bulletin.
  • Read text books such as those listed in the 'Resources' section of the website

Make contact with your local and regional paediatric colleagues

  • Completing child-orientated projects as part of your public health training will bring you into contact with clinical paediatric colleagues, health visitors and school nurses.
  • Introduce yourself to your regional Paediatric Training Programme Director and Head of School via your regional office of Health Education England. They may be able to advise you of local opportunities to meet paediatric trainees and attend paediatric meetings.
  • Gaining clinical exposure is more challenging to organise (particularly for public health trainees from a non-medical background) but please do talk to your local Public Health Training Programme Director and paediatric colleagues about your prior experience and learning needs.

Attend a conference

  • The annual RCPCH conference routinely hosts a child public health session as part of the programme. The BACCH conference similarly has child public health orientated presentations. Consider submitting an abstract to these fora.


Apply for a placement with BACAPH as part of your training scheme. Support BACAPH by undertaking a specific project that will help you gain greater understanding and experience in children's public health.

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