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We are open to professionals working in public health, health services, or any relevant organisation

BACAPH is the only UK membership organisation that focuses on public health for children, young people and their families.

Kids Jumping into the Lake

How we support members

a resource portal

We have created a website that provides a single portal for key resources on child and adolescent public health, including UK government and constituent nations’ policy documents, reports, sources of routine statistics, surveys, books, e-learning resources and information from our prior BACAPH events.

exclusive member's area  

Our members’ area is where topical issues can be discussed and we can help learn from each other and support one another in tackling difficult problems.

meetings and events

We hold BACAPH meetings to present research and debate hot topics - at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and the British Association of Community Child Health annual scientific meetings, and other occasions.

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training and education

We provide training events on topical issues, such as our highly successful launch meeting with national and internationally recognised speakers.Providing support for those training and working in child public-health.

collaboration with health professionals

We provide opportunities to work with other professional organisations to promote child and adolescent public-health.

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