Meeting Chair

  • Simon Lenton

Exec leads

  • Co-Chairs: Simon Lenton and Ingrid Wolfe
  • Treasurer and Company Secretary: Shantini Paranjothy
  • Comms & Engagement: Stacy John-Legere

Theme leads

  • Policy: Leonora Weil
  • Advocacy: Guddi Singh
  • Knowledge: Alison Kemp (Academic); Rosie Kyeremateng (Training)


  • Trainees: Joia De Sa (Public Health), Catherine Black (Paediatrics)
  • Nursing: Louise Condon
  • England: Ingrid Wolfe (Public Health), Simon Lenton (Paediatrics) 
  • Wales: Shantini Paranjothy (Public Health), Alison Kemp (Paediatrics)
  • Scotland: Graham McKenzie (Public Health), Lucy Reynolds (Paediatrics)
  • Northern Ireland: Joanne McClean (Public Health), Catherine Black (Paediatrics)


  • Administrative support: Julia Hodgson (Shantini), Abi Salmon (Ingrid)


Roles and responsibilities


  • organisational leadership
  • external links and relationships


  • financial planning
  • policy on membership and subscriptions
  • banking

Academic Convenor:

  • organise BACAPH session at RCPCH annual conference
  • organise BACAPH session at BACCH annual conference
  • organise other BACAPH national meetings
  • liaise with BACAPH four nations representatives regarding more local meetings

Communications and website development:

  • establish and maintain website
  • write/commission website content
  • write/commission regular members' e-mails
  • write/commission press releases and responses to media enquiries
  • commission responses to consultations

Education and Training:

  • advice on development of curricula and assessments
  • signposting for students, trainees and practitioners
  • advice for those organising training meetings and events

Policy and advocacy:

  • horizon scanning to pre-empt topical issues
  • write/commission policy papers accordingly
  • keep up with national news and events to be prepared for opportunities for advocacy
  • set the annual business plan for policy papers and advocacy in consultation with Chairs

Trainee representation:

  • inspire and engage trainees in child public health and the work of BACAPH
  • ensure issues relevant to trainees are fully taken into account in BACAPH's work

BACAPH nursing lead:

  • inspire and engage nurses in child public health and the work of BACAPH
  • ensure issues relevant to nurses are fully taken into account in BACAPH's work

Four nation representation:

  • inspire and engage colleagues within each of the four UK nations in child public health and the work of BACAPH
  • ensure issues relevant to all four UK nations are fully taken into account in BACAPH's work

Ex officio representatives of partner organisations:

  • stakeholder perspective
  • joint work on policy development
  • joint work on advocacy


  • organise BACAPH executive committee meetings
  • respond to BACAPH emails and enquiries
  • maintain membership database
  • day-to-day running/finances
  • support for organising BACAPH educational events/meetings
  • technical maintenance of website
  • distribute regular members' e-mails
  • coordinate responses to consultations
  • distribute policy papers
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