Public Health Representative, Wales

Professor of Preventive Medicine, School of Medicine. Population Health Theme Lead, College of Biomedical and Life Sciences

I am the Scientific Lead for HealthWise Wales, a national initiative funded by health and Care Research Wales to engage large numbers of people in Wales with health and social care research.

My research is focused on perinatal and infant health inequalities at Cardiff University. In 2008 I set up the Welsh Study of Mothers and Babies (WOMBS) to study the significance of ultrasound markers detected during pregnancy for the health of the baby (funded by MRC/WORD Health Research Partnership Award). The study recruited 30,000 mothers from all maternity units in Wales, with consent to follow up their children in future studies. The first of a series of planned follow-up studies with this cohort, to study renal diseases during childhood, will started in October 2013 and will report outcomes for children in the cohort up to age 5 years.

I am an executive member of the Farr Institute@CIPHER and have led a number of large-scale epidemiological analyses using record-linked data from routinely collected health and social data. One example was an analysis of birth outcomes for women who have had treatment for cervical abnormalities. This study used linked anonymised electronic records from a cohort of 174,325 women aged 20-39 years in Wales and reassuringly found that surgical treatment for pre-cancerous lesions did not increase the likelihood of premature birth or low birth-weight babies.

I lead the research theme on vulnerable babies in the Wales Electronic Cohort for Children (WECC), the first complete population e-cohort in the UK of 800,000 children, aimed at investigating the widest possible range of social and environmental determinants of child health and social outcomes by exploiting the potential of routinely collected datasets.

I am a contributor to the Cochrane Collaboration Pregnancy and Childbirth Group, and have authored three reviews relevant to the management and care of women during pregnancy and labour. I am also an Honorary Consultant in Public Health at Public Health Wales NHS Trust.


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