• Sun May 02 2021

    ISSOP Global Webinar Series 2021

    Responding to the impact of climate change on children

    These monthly webinars will discuss the impact of climate change on children, and how child health professionals can respond. Regional breakout sessions will be held after the presentations to facilitate strategic discussions on actions we can take now and in the future.

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    Forthcoming webinars

    Thursday 27th May 2021, 18.00 BST: Responding to the health and mental health effects of climate change

    Thursday 24th June 2021, 18.00 BST: Greening practices and health systems

    Thursday 29th July 2021, 18.00 BST: Global  political and economic impact of climate change - advocacy and action

    Thursday 26th August 2021, 18.00 BST: Leadership in a new world - planetary paediatrics and one health

    Thursday 23rd September 2021, 18.00 BST: COP-26 (UN Climate Change Summit) and the child health community: ensuring that equitable policies are adopted for children and youth

  • Sun May 02 2021

    RCPCH Conference Online 2021

    BACAPH breakout session, Wednesday 16th June 2021

    This breakout session takes place between 15.30 to 18.00 BST, and will be jointly hosted with the Young People's Health Special Interest Group (YPHSIG) and the British Association of Paediatricians in Audiology (BAPA).

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